New changes in economic development methods, especially in the second half of the twentieth century due to international political and social changes on the one hand and the development of computers and communications, especially new conditions and challenges in the international economic system that only economic factors such as supply and demand Proximity to the factors of production and the amount of capital available is not the main determinant for economic projects and in most cases forces planners and producers to re-evaluate, which does not necessarily contradict the original planning.

Shad Shiraz factory was based on the initial plan for a complete food production complex. Establishment of flour factory as a mother factory and everything from flour and its derivatives including bread-pasta-biscuits-baby food and in developing the process of completing the food industry because Fars province Fars province is the largest producer of grain and corn in the country and processing industries of various garden products, especially citrus Be the national model.

The economic justifications of the original plan are still valid and can be implemented with limited changes, ie socio-economic and demographic factors such as the importance and fertility of Fars province in agricultural production – close to the consumer market – the possibility of exporting food products close to the Persian Gulf coast – close to highways For transportation to other regions of Iran and even Central Asian markets, taking into account production costs and competitive prices, still justifies food production in the Shad Shiraz complex, and perhaps by changing the planning of the next phases of the initial plan of food production is still the best choice for use. Shad Shiraz is one of the existing facilities.

Owners and investors of Shad Shiraz, considering the internal and international changes, decided to evaluate other options for using the existing facilities in Shad Shiraz (approximately 22 hectares of land with industrial use, the relevant tolls have been paid regularly to date) – shed – water supply reservoir – Large septic tank (septic tank) – Workers ‘residential building – Workers’ self-service location – Numerous office buildings – Industrial electricity substations and landscaping done …..)) have been adopted. In this regard, even the owners and investors applied for a license to build a petrochemical industry in which the raw materials of production can be easily supplied from Shiraz-Assaluyeh and Mahshahrbeh petrochemical complexes. Petrochemicals are very important in Iran.

Pleasant Consulting Engineers Company has been selected to review the choices of other happy owners and investors in Shiraz. It is obvious that the evaluation of Plasher Engineering Consulting Company has evaluated the selected and proposed projects according to the existing menus and objective restrictions (such as investment restrictions or borrowing power for other choices) that were presented to them by the owners and happy investors of Shiraz. That is, if the criteria and assumptions in the evaluation of the studied projects change, they will make significant changes in the inferred results of the evaluations.

Plasher Consulting Engineers Company has considered the options before it (only evaluating the plans mentioned by the owners and investors). In order to select the best choice to activate the existing investments of this project, they have been proposed on this basis.

This report first identifies the current situation. Then the suggested options for the site are presented and reviewed. These studies have been evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively, and the conclusions obtained have been presented, and in the end, the final conclusion has been made by summarizing them. However, it is obvious that in the end, the final decision will be the responsibility of the happy owners and investors of Shiraz.

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