Examine the suggested options

As it came; The applications intended for the project site, according to the proposed user system map of Shiraz urban complex, in addition to industrial use, tourism, sports, recreational – recreational use. According to the service needs of Shiraz and the relatively short distance from the site to the city, according to the menus of owners and investors, the following three options are studied.


  • Residential Complex
  • Industrial Park
  • Permanent and temporary exhibition


Due to the growing need of the growing population of Shiraz for housing and the acceptable distance of the site from this city, it is possible to build a residential town if you receive a permit and change the use. On the other hand, considering the need of Shiraz for a permanent and temporary exhibition, which is dedicated to the supply and display of various products on a permanent basis and display of goods on special occasions, the creation of this use also seems logical. 

An industrial town will also be able to play a major role in the economic development of the city and the profitability of the project by allocating special economic activities. For these reasons, we will examine each of the proposed options separately here.