Shad Shiraz Industrial Complex

  • Shadshiraz Industrial Town is a complex that is fully prepared and capable of exploiting all kinds of industrial investments and can be used for other investments such as residential-exhibition located in Shiraz, which is offered for sale.

  • 212,500 square meters of fully leveled land with official document
  • Masonry 2260 meters with one meter foundation and 270 cm height
  • Infrastructure more than 6000 meters of warehouse - office - residential - production halls - welfare - labor and ancillary with paid municipal taxes
  • Landscaping for 70,000 meters of asphalt - table - boulevard and so on
  • Water supply facilities for a 70,000-meter area with two municipal water branches
  • Power supply facilities include cabling and lighting for the 70,000-square-foot area
  • Laboratory for all industries
  • Dedicated power substation 400 kW - 660 amps
  • Water source 150 thousand liters - at a height of 30 meters
  • Septic tank 420 cubic meters
  • 60 ton weighbridge
  • Heating systems with a capacity of 2.5 million kcal
  • Numerous electrical panels with specialized forecasts
  • Office supplies - tools - complete firefighting supplies - natural gas and fuel sources, etc.
  • Settlement of bank accounts - assets - social insurance - municipality, etc.
  • Suitable for installing various petrochemical lines - agricultural conversion industries, etc.
  • Abundant and specialized manpower of Shiraz city without overhead costs outside the center
  • Excellent location at a distance of one kilometer from Shiraz airport - 8 kilometers from the center of Shiraz metro - a convenient distance from the Shiraz railway and a close distance from the railway under construction in Assaluyeh

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